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Let's get to know each other!

     Monter Michal Bladowski is a company that started its business in 2007, during this period it has become a significant company in the field of electrical and locksmith work in the ship and land industry. Since its establishment, the company's headquarters were located in Gdansk.

    Our company operates in the following industries: construction, shipbuilding, assembly and installation, electrical and electrical-technical along with industrial automation, we cooperate with many repair and construction companies in various industries in the EU countries (Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, Denmark, and Sweden), we carry out two parallel activities, construction services.

       Among other things, we carried out work on construction sites: Metro in Warsaw, the Tunnel under the dead Vistula River, Construction of many shopping malls throughout the country, in addition, we conduct and have conducted work on the construction and repair of ships in shipyards: Repair Shipyard in Gdansk, Rostock Shipyard in Germany, Urk Shipyard in the Netherlands and Fayard Shipyard in Denmark).

    Monter employs more than sixty qualified workers, people who specialize in electrical, assembly, and welding. We perform electrical work, locksmithing, and welding, specializing in automation, and carry out complex work in the field of fiber optics. Our employees are not only experienced people recruited from the labor market, we organize and conduct complete training of our staff to continuously improve the qualifications of the crews. This allows the company to offer services of a high standard. We provide a wide range of services, and the satisfaction of customers and companies we work with is our priority.

    We kindly ask you to consider the possibility of establishing cooperation with our company, we are sure that such an exchange of experience would result in mutual benefits on many levels.



+48 530 930 030 - Biuro

+48 530 930 030 - Mobile

ul. Kwiatowa 48

83-010 Straszyn


Working Hours

Monday - Friday
8:00 - 16:00
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The office is also closed on holidays



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